Life Coaching



Do you desire more from life than you experienced so far? Perhaps you are confused about your role and function here on earth? Do you want to know the will of God for you? Do you feel you lost the meaning and purpose in life? 

If your answer is ‘Yes!’ to one or more of these questions, I assure you that you knocked on the right door. With God’s help, I can assist you.

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Discipleship Training



Are you hungry for the Word of God? Do you feel that you have not grown spiritually? Are you ready to let the Holy Spirit mold you  into the likeness of Christ? Do you desire to become all that God intends for you? Are you passionate to let Christ make a difference in you and around you? If your answer is “Yes!” to one or more of these questions, you are the perfect candidate for the Advanced Discipleship Training. 

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Pastoral Counseling



I am not here to "fix" anyone, that is God’s job. But I can promise to care for you and to love you with God’s love and  to be there for you. I promise to be a missionary of hope. I promise that whatever we discuss will be buried before God. I promise to pray with you and for you, to seek God’s will for your life. I promise to assist you in establishing life goals and to keep you accountable in the process of reaching them.

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