Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training


There is a fresh interest in the church today for Christian Discipleship. Many churches and denominations started to realize that there is a need for spiritual formation; therefore some churches increase their budgets and staff for this purpose. Since I love discipleship, this is music to my ears and it makes my heart beat faster.

Yes, there is a fresh interest for spiritual growth and maturity, and I am glad for it, but there is so much to do and it appears that we are running out of time. Most Christian leaders agree that there is a lack of biblical discipleship in the church today. Most churches focus on evangelism but forget almost entirely about discipleship. Eventually they win some converts but fall short of the Great Commission’s requirement of making disciples not just converts...

In the New Testament era, when Jesus said “make disciples,” the apostles understood that Christ’s intent was not simply getting someone to believe in Him (convert them), but to help those believers become what Jesus intended them to be (disciple them)...


In a nutshell, discipleship is the main purpose and the highest objective of our ministry. 

URFM provides the environment, the tools, and the teaching through the Advanced Discipleship Training  so that the Christian discipleship and spiritual growth and maturity process could take place in the lives of interested individuals. We should treat The Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20 literally and not transform it into The Great Omission.

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Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training


“If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” (Luke 9:23)

- Jesus Christ

DESCEND into your HEART: ​​​

(1) Are you hungry for the Word of God? 

(2) Do you desire to become all that God intends for you? 

(3) Are you passionate to let Christ make a difference in you and around you?  


If you responded “yes” to one or more of the questions above we strongly believe that we have a godly solution for you. We challenge you to give ADT a try.​ ​ 



(1) ADT is provided ONLINE 

(2) ADT is provided one-on-one 

(3) ADT is provided in small group format 



(1) Contact us for more information

(2) Call us for a free Spiritual Assessment consultation 

(3) Enroll in ADT 

Structure of the ADT

Discipleship Training

Structure of the ADT


The Advanced Discipleship Training is provided in person, ONLINE, via e-mail, WEBINARS, and virtual conference rooms, therefore, anyone around the globe can benefit from this training. ADT is structured in eight (8) modules: 


(1)  MODULE 1: The BIBLE - The Foundation for Spiritual Growth & Maturity

(2) MODULE 2: DISCIPLESHIP - The HEART of The Great Commission


(4) MODULE IV: The FLESH - The MAJOR OBSTACLE towards Spiritual Maturity

(5) MODULE V: The CROSS - The MYSTERY of SUFFERING that only a few EMBRACE it

(6) MODULE 6: IDENTITY – Knowing who we are in Christ – The Key to Spiritual Victory

(7) MODULE VII: FREE in Christ - Understanding Spiritual Warfare

(8) MODULE VIII: FRUITS & GIFTS -  Developing a Genuine Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Each Module requires reading and studying of various materials, interaction with the mentor and with other students/disciples, practical projects, and personal reflection.

The Goal of our instruction is LOVE (2 Timothy 1:5). Therefore special care is taken in maintaining a balance between learning and personal growth. 

Each Module is structured in such of way to allow the disciple/student to be exposed to various learning styles: visual, auditory, and  tactile/kinesthetic.  

Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT)

Are you hungry for the Word of God? Do you feel that you have not grown spiritually for the last several years? Are you ready to pay the price and let the Holy Spirit make you and mold you more and more into the likeness of Christ? 

If that is the case please contact us immediately.

ADT - FLYER - NEW (pdf)


Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus? Do you really desire to become all that God intends for you? Are you passionate to let Christ make a difference in you and around you? If your answer is “Yes!” to one or more of these questions, you are the perfect candidate for the Advanced Discipleship Training offered by URFM. 

Please fill-out the Forms and begin this life-transforming  journey.

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ADT - Personal Support Pledge (pdf)


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